Hey, I am Vlad Ionescu!

I am a fabulous blend of weirdness and energy. What else is in there? Sugar, spice, and everything nice, of course It’s under NDA.

On a more serious note, I love discovering hidden gems and savoring experiences.

Personal life

I enjoy TV shows( but not Game of Thrones) and movies. A lifelong dedication to procrastination led to me seeing pretty much everything.

It fascinates me how the human essence uncovers itself, from finance and writings all the way to art.

I drink cocktails, whiskey, and wine — mentioned here in order of discovery. Tea, pineapple juice, and lemon water are perfect too.

Work and tech

Consulting is what I dedicate myself to.

I take great pride in helping teams become high-performing. I find it brilliantly fun.

I am an avid proponent of observability, safely testing in production, and optimizing for velocity. People should feel confident to learn and experiment, without fear of breaking something.

I’m always open to hearing about new projects or fun adventures, so reach out!


I’m on Github, Twitter, and reluctantly on Keybase.

You can get in touch at totally-not-spam-like-I-pinky-swear@vladionescu.me, and if you really have to, you can encrypt emails with the keys you find on Keybase.